Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our personal protective equipment act as safety suits for all those brave warriors, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals working to make country covid-19 free.

The key features and benefits of this safety suit are listed below:

  • Safety suits are anti-viral and kill the viruses including Human Coronavirus; thus protecting the healthcare professionals against the Covid-19 infections
  • Safety suits are also anti-bacterial treated and kills various gram positive and gram negative bacteria; thus reduces the risk of secondary infections among healthcare professionals
  • Safety suits are made of smart fabric that reacts to environmental conditions and adjusts its resistance to maintain body temperature in the healthcare environment
  • The anti-bacterial efficacy remains for more than 60 commercial washes (100+ machine washes) and the safety suit has longer life
  • Safety suit does not need special handling, and can be hand-washed / machine-washed. It can also be auto-claved