Medi-Suit for Dialysis

Our flagship product is a unique suit for dialysis patients. This first-to-the-market smart jacket and smart pant (Patent pending) addresses the three key pain points of dialysis patients:

Since its launch in October, 2018, Medi-Suit has already received lots of accolades from nephrologists, dialysis technicians and most importantly, the patients and their loved ones. 

The key features and benefits of this medi-suit are listed below:

Medi-Suit: Unzipped
  • Medi-suitis made of smart fabric that reacts to environmental conditions and adjusts its resistance – thus in colder environments like dialysis centers, it helps to maintain body temperature
  • Medi-suit is sweat absorbent and is comfortable to wear in tropical climate like that in India
  • The zippers are strategically placed on the central lines and provides easy accessibility to various port areas – fistula, arm, permanent catheter, femural, abdominal area
  • It is anti-viral and kills the viruses including Human Coronavirus; thus protecting the patients against covid-19 viruses
  • It is anti-bacterial treated and kills the bacteria; thus reduces the risk of cross-infections
  • The anti-bacterial efficacy remains for more than 100 washes and the medi-suit has a long life
  • Medi-suit does not need special handling, and can be hand-washed / machine-washed

“Since the time my father started doing dialysis, he never ventured out. Thanks to medi-jacket’s dual feature of sweat absorption and maintaining body temperature, my father has now started going out for long walks. Medi-jacket has improved his experience during dialysis and has improved his life outside of dialysis”

Dialysis patient’s family member from Ahmedabad, India

“My mom used to regularly have blood pressure issues during dialysis sessions. After she started wearing the medi-jacket, her blood pressure has been normal during the dialysis sessions”

Dialysis patient’s family member from Mumbai, India

“Medi-Jacket for Dialysis is extremely comfortable and of good quality. It keeps me warm and is perfect for my home dialysis sessions”

Dialysis patient from Hyderabad, India

“I was feeling very cold and had asked for the blanket. The center provided me with the medi-jacket instead to try it and see the result for myself. I found it very comfortable during my entire session and did not feel cold during the 4-hour long dialysis treatment. Thank you so much Thermaissance.”

Dialysis patient from Mumbai, India

“This jacket is the bestest thing that has happened to me. I tried this jacket thinking that it is like any other jacket but I was surprised when I wore it. I used to be very uncomfortable during dialysis because of cold room temperature. But this jacket gave me such a warm and fuzzy feeling.… Continue reading Dialysis Patient from Mumbai, India

Dialysis Patient from Mumbai, India

” When I started using the medi-jacket I realized it’s importance. Feeling cold in dialysis room is very common but this jacket keeps me warm. Plus it is so smartly stitched that you don’t feel like a sorry type patient, instead you look stylish “

Dialysis Patient from Mumbai, India
Video testimonial on our Dialysis Jacket