ICU Suit

ICU Suit for ICU and Bedridden Patients

Our first-to-the-market ICU suit (Patent pending) is best suited for ICU Patients, Bedridden patients, patients with urine catheter, bedsores, etc.

Various research papers highlights that in colder environments, the human body gradually goes into survival mode, blood vessels narrow in order to maintain body heat and our extremities start to suffer. Our metabolism speeds up and thus we end up shivering.

When it is very cold the body focuses on just keeping the brain, heart and other vital organs functioning at a cost to the rest of the body. Hence, it is always recommended to maintain body temperature of patient during the treatment.

Our unique ICU Suit addresses the above and other two key pain points of ICU and Bedridden Patients:

The key features and benefits of this ICU Suit are listed below:

  • ICU suit is made of smart fabric that reacts to environmental conditions and adjusts its resistance – thus in colder environments like ICU rooms, our suits helps to maintain body temperature
  • ICU suit is sweat absorbent and is comfortable to wear in tropical weather
  • The zippers are strategically placed on tops and bottoms to ensure easy accessibility to ECG Leads, Urine Catheters, Tubes, IVs, etc by doctors and healthcare staff without compromising the privacy of patients
  • It is anti-bacterial treated and kills the bacteria; thus reduces the risk of cross-infections which is highest among ICU patients today
  • The anti-bacterial efficacy remains for more than 100 washes and the ICU suit has a long life
  • ICU suit does not need special handling, and can be hand-washed / machine-washed
  • The suit is extremely light-weight