for maximum protection, comfort & privacy of patients

Thermaissance is a line of functional and smart clothing exclusively created for patients that provides them with much-needed protection, privacy and comfort.

Our clothing addresses the three key pain points of various patient types: feeling cold during treatments, hospital acquired infections and lack of privacy during the treatments.

Our clothing is made of smart fabric, is anti-bacterial treated, and provides with easy accessibility / wearability.

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Smart fabric reacts to the environmental conditions and helps maintain body temperature especially in cold treatment rooms. The fabric is also sweat absorbent, thus ensuring maximum comfort for the patient.

Anti-bacterial treated fabric helps kill gram positive and gram negative bacteria and helps reduce the risk of infections among the patients.

Zippers are strategically placed on the key access areas to ensure wearability and accessibility by doctors and healthcare staff. Since the rest of the body remains covered, it provides much-needed privacy to the patients during their treatments.   

We also have Lite versions that are made of 100% cotton with anti-bacterial and easy accessibility features

We recently launched Anti-Bacterial Face Masks to provide maximum protection and comfort to the wearer

We are very happy to announce that Thermaissance has been awarded as

Video testimonial on our Dialysis Jacket

” When I started using the medi-jacket I realized it’s importance. Feeling cold in dialysis room is very common but this jacket keeps me warm. Plus it is so smartly stitched that you don’t feel like a sorry type patient, instead you look stylish “

Dialysis Patient from Mumbai, India

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