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“Thermaissance” is a line that creates functional, comfortable and stylish clothing for dialysis, chemotherapy, dementia and diabetes patients. The tops have easy access panels with zip closures placed at the chest, stomach, and arm/sleeves that allows nurses, doctors and physical therapists to examine or treat one area of the body while leaving the rest of the body covered thus giving the patients the way to modesty, dignity and staying warm.

The fabric used has various properties:

  • Antimicrobial treated: Fabric is treated with specific anti-microbial treatment. Anti-microbial helps to prevent spreading of germs that cause infections.
  • Temperature controlled: Fabric regulates body temperature, if the weather is cold outside, it will provide warmth, inversely if it is warm outside, it will cool the body, This feature would help dialysis patients who are sensitive to temperature changes during the treatment periods.
  • Water repellent finish: The fabric repels fluid on the front surface, so it doesn’t absorb water or any liquid, making it easy for the patient to wipe liquid beads off the garment.
  • Digital Ready: The clothing also features a QR Code printed on the fabric sleeve to help dementia patients in case they get lost.
  • Sensors: The Clothing will include sensors to measure vital body signs.
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Our Story

Thermaissance was designed after watching my dad routinely sit through treatment being cold and uncomfortable. I got together with a designer friend to create a line of clothing that provided comfort, warmth, style and convenience to undergo the process of treatment. The motive of designing this line was to provide the comfort without taking away the style element from the equation.

The health care team often needs access to patients veins to give them treatments such as Dialysis, chemotherapy, blood transfusions, antibiotics, or IV fluids to accommodate this need, our clothing features accessible zippers along the chest, waist and along the sleeve length. The line is functional and fashionable, the fabric used is soft and comfortable treated with Anti-microbial, which prevent germs from spreading that cause infection, Water Repellent finish, beads up blood or fluid spills for easy clean up, plus many other features.

The line comprises of clothing for Men and women and will soon be adding kids wear to the collection. The idea of clothing line was a result of my dad’s pain and discomfort during his treatment and now this cause has become dear to my heart, We are committed to working with organizations that share in our goals. As part of our “Every purchase benefits the FUTURE!” Program, 15% of all profits will be donated to organizations that are advocates and share similar goals or are a valuable resource to our customers. Our motto is “comfort with style”

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Every purchase benefits the FUTURE!

As part of our commitment to the community (paying it forward), 15% of all profits are donated to organizations that are
advocates and share similar goals. If you know of a charity, foundation and or organization that would benefit from
our program, please email at info@thermaissance.com